D-M acts on community recommendations

Release Number: 031207

The 355th Wing will adjust flight operations over Tucson starting today in an effort to reduce noise over the city. 

The flight path alterations are part of a larger effort at Davis-Monthan to address recommendations made by the Military-Community Compatibility Committee.  The committee, a group of citizens from across the city, finalized a report last September suggesting that Davis-Monthan AFB make changes in several areas for the mutual benefit of the base and the community.  Some of those changes included modifying flight altitudes and routes.

"The aviation leadership team at Davis-Monthan has thoroughly analyzed the MC3 recommendations, and I am committed to taking action on the recommendations to the maximum extent practical.   America's Airmen at Davis-Monthan have an excellent relationship with the citizens of Tucson.  Together we will celebrate D-M's 80th birthday this year, and we are determined to further strengthen our bonds of friendship in defense of our nation," said Col. Kent Laughbaum, 355th Wing Commander.

D-M will raise the intermediate pattern altitude 25 percent for fixed-wing aircraft traffic to 2,000 feet above the ground northwest and southeast of the runway.  Populated areas that will benefit from this change include those between the University of Arizona, Reid Park, and Davis-Monthan, as well as neighborhoods southeast of the base, including Rita Ranch.

For rotary-wing traffic, D-M will make changes for both eastbound and westbound departures.  Eastbound departing helicopters will see a 60 percent increase in altitude while continuing to fly down Golf Links Road to Houghton Road.  Westbound helicopters will fly southwest over base property toward I-10, then fly northwest to 22nd Street.  This southwesterly departure ensures that D-M aviators better avoid heavily populated neighborhoods northwest of the base.

"Our flight operations must be safe, effective and efficient," said Colonel Laughbaum. "I am convinced that the flight path changes preserve these important criteria while also meeting the intent of the MC3 recommendations." D-M will continue to coordinate with community leaders as they work together to investigate and implement additional Military-Community Compatibility Committee recommendations.