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Staff Sgt. Andrew Lueras

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior Staff Sgt. Andrew Lueras

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior Staff Sgt. Andrew Lueras

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior:
SSgt Andrew Lueras

Jessica Lueras (wife, pregnant) Sophia Lueras (daughter 7) Jayden Lueras (son 4) Aramis Lueras (son 2)

Huntsville Alabama

612 Support Squadron/OWF (12 AF HQ 4th QTR Team Winner)

Job title:
Lead Meteorologist

Job description:
I produce mission planning and execution weather analysis forecasts and briefings for Air force, Army, Navy, Marines, Guard, and Reserve in the Southcom AOR.

Most rewarding job aspect:
Customer interaction and instant feedback. Getting an email or phone call explaining how the weather briefing was great or a little off builds a great relationship that can help improve any mission.

Earning TSgt, higher education, and always improve at my job

All sports but nothing tops the Fighting Irish

Favorite performer:
311, I have seen them in concert a couple times and they are just amazing. I never have a voice afterwards.

Favorite dish:
Anything Mexican or German. My mother is German and my father is Mexican so I had a lot of that growing up.

I'm proudest of:
It's cliché but my amazing and awesome wife and kids. There's nothing I could be more proud of.

Best asset:
Work Ethic. I like working till the job is done. I don't like leaving a job unfinished

Person I admire most:
My father. He has raised me to do the right thing and shown me that no matter what sacrifice had to be made it was always for the best of the family. At the end of the day nothing matters more than those next to you.

Pet peeve:
Not using real English. I can get over not being grammatically correct but at least try and spell it out using real words.

What I like most about D-M:
Location! Location! Location! Plenty of stuff for me and my family to have adventures

612th SPTS at a glance
Group Commander: COL Jonathan VanNoord

Squadron commander: LT COL Ryan Hollman

First Sergeant: SMSgt Christopher Theriot

Squadron Motto: "Better on the South Side"