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Senior Airman Roberto Mendez

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior Senior Airman Roberto Mendez

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior Senior Airman Roberto Mendez

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior:
Senior Airman Roberto M. Mendez

Teresa and Roberto Mendez (mother and father) Josh, Bianca, and Meriah (brother, sister, and sister)

Schaumburg, IL

355 Training Squadron/ 355 Operations Support Squadron

Job title:
355 Training Squadron Unit Program Coordinator/ Registrar

Job description:
Keeping the commander and director of operations on task and current with OPRs, decoration packages, student grade books/ training reports, and office duty files. Assisting students to in-process DM, getting acclimated to DM and Tucson, and helping to get financial, living, and flight med tasks and records squared away. Assign all incoming students and members to position numbers, awarding AFSCs, and updating duty info. Write and complete EPRs and OPRs, tracking EPRs and OPRs via the Evaluation Management System, tracking all paperwork submitted to the force support sq efficiently by self-created and managed excel tables, coordinate information between squadrons, manage squadron events, and built 355th Training Squadron Portal page and SharePoint page.

Most rewarding job aspect:
Meeting new, current, and incoming A-10C pilots and feeling a sense of accomplishment

Successfully retrain into Contracting
Re-enlist, commission, or apply for DOD overseas
Complete Bachelors of Architectural/Civil Engineering within the next 3 years
Invest in more real estate and stocks and bonds

Football, snowboarding, hiking, weightlifting, Wing Chun, and trampoline

Favorite performer:
System of a Down

Favorite dish:
Loaded deep-dish Pizza

I'm proudest of:
My past and present accomplishments

Best asset:
My ambition

Person I admire most:
Major John Galloway

Pet peeve:
Organization and completion of tasks

What I like most about D-M:
The wide variety of aircraft that come and go

355th TRS at a glance
Group Commander: Col Philip W. Wielhouwer

Squadron commander: Lt Col Kevin R. Eilers/ Lt Col Jason M. Rueschhoff

First Sergeant: MSgt Christopher D. Reams

Squadron Motto: Knowledge-Skills-Tactics