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Staff Sgt. Kelly O'Leske

Desert Lightning Team's Warrior of the Week Staff Sgt. Kelly O'Leske

Desert Lightning Team's Warrior of the Week Staff Sgt. Kelly O'Leske

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior:
SSgt Kelly O'Leske

Husband: Chet O'Leske, Son: Vincent O'Leske

Air Force brat, no hometown

355th Operations Support Squadron

Job title:
Airfield Management Operations Coordinator

Job description:
Airfield Management works hand in hand with several agencies on base (including the Air Traffic Control Tower, Transient Alert, CE, and Command Post, to name a few) to ensure that we have a safe and fully operational airfield not only for the aircraft, but for the personnel on the airfield as well. In addition, we coordinate care of any transient aircraft and personnel on board during their stay at D-M.

Most rewarding job aspect:
Seeing the many different types of aircraft that come through D-M on their way to AMARG. It's kind of bittersweet seeing them go to be put to rest. Also helping the aircrew who come through our doors tired, hungry, and looking for a place to take a break.

Learn to have patience.

Reading, hiking, cooking, playing cars with my son.

Favorite dish:
Homemade refried beans and tortillas.

I'm proudest of:

Getting my 21 month old son to say "Please, and Thank you" without being asked!

Best asset:
My honesty.

Person I admire most:
My grandmother. If you ever tell her to just sit down once in a while, she would tell you in a very strong Kentucky accent "I've got too much to get done in life to be sitting down."

Pet peeve:
When people don't give 100% effort into what they do. Why waste time doing something, if you're not going to do it right the first time?

What I like most about D-M:
All of the friends my husband and I have bumped into again.

355th OSS at a glance
Group Commander: Col Phillip Wielhouwer

Squadron commander: Lt Col. Jason Rueschhoff

First Sergeant: MSgt Chris Reams

Squadron Motto: Guide Those Who Fly