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Warrior of the Week: Tech. Sgt.. Charity Barnett

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Savanna Grace (Daughter)

Yelm, WA

355 FW/JA

Job title:
NCOIC, General Law

Job description:
Plans , Organizes and directs legal services personnel in the area of Civil and General Law. Her duties include legal research, writing, interviewing and discovery management.

Most rewarding job aspect:
I love conducting legal briefings and being a supervisor and trainer.

To retire as a Chief

I love to read, dance, watch movies and bake

Favorite performer:
I am a big fan of Ryan Reynolds

Favorite dish:
Mexican...everything Mexican

I'm proudest of:
My daughter

Best asset:
I'm very customer friendly and always do my best to give 100% at any task. I love to help people.

Person I admire most:
My Boss...SMSgt Herrera

Pet peeve:

What I like most about D-M:
 I love being surrounded by mountains

355 Fighter Wing at a glance
Staff Judge Advocate: Lt Col Elizabeth Schuchs-Gopaul

Squadron commander
: Lt Col Simon Scoggins

First Sergeant:
MSgt Steven Shulski

Squadron Motto: Desert Lightening...Strikes!