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Warrior of the Week: Staff Sgt. Justin Slater

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

My wife Liz and kids Savannah, Ben, and Allison

Chandler, AZ

48 RQS

Job title:
Aircrew Flight Equipment

Job description:
Inspects, maintains, packs and adjusts equipment such as flight helmets, oxygen masks, parachutes, flotation devices, survival kits, helmet mounted devices, and night vision goggles.

Most rewarding job aspect:
Being a part of the rescue mission

Make Tech Sergeant

Relaxing with family

Favorite performer:
Don't really have one

Favorite dish:

I'm proudest of:
My Family

Best asset:

Person I admire most:
My wife takes care of our three kids, house, dog, bills, cooking, and cleaning every day. I admire her the most.

Pet peeve:
Being CC'd on a long email string that doesn't pertain to me.

What I like most about D-M:
This is where the 48th Rescue Squadron is.

48 RQS at a glance

Group Commander: Col Jason L. Hanover

Squadron commander: Maj Edward J. Irick III

First Sergeant: MSgt Joshua S. Paul

Squadron Motto: That others may live...