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Warrior of the Week: Airman 1st Class Macy Creager

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Family: Geoff (Husband)

Hometown: Douglasville, GA

Unit: 355 CONS

Job title: Contract Administrator

Job description:
Administer various contracts for services all over base

Most rewarding job aspect:
Helping customers get the things they need

Goals: Become a nurse

Hobbies: Spinning, couponing and watching movies

Favorite performer: Hello Kitty

Favorite dish: Lumpia and Pho

I'm proudest of: 355 CONS

Best asset: My sense of humor

Person I admire most: My Husband Geoff

Pet peeve: Being Late

What I like most about D-M: How nice the people are

355th CONSĀ at a glance
Group Commander: Col David Uselman

Squadron commander: Maj Jeffrey Donato

First Sergeant: SMSgt Vanessa Carrillo

Squadron Motto: We are.....CONS!