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Warrior of the Week: Airman 1st Class Ryan Shayne Perez

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Mom - Janine
Dad - Robert
Brothers - Royce, Joey, Johnny and Robert.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Unit: 355 CMS

Job title: Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) Journeyman

Job description: Calibrates and repairs test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment for nearly 178 work centers throughout southern Arizona, South America, and the Caribbean using measurements standards traceable to Air Force and national standards.

Most rewarding job aspect: being a Physical Training Leader (PTL)

Goals: Further my education and see a few new places

Hobbies: Working out, flag football

Favorite performer: Tool, A Perfect Circle

Favorite dish: Gumbo

I'm proudest of: The self-improvements I have made since joining the military

Best asset: Work ethic and Determination

Person I admire most: My Mama

Pet peeve: Unmotivated people

What I like most about D-M: The Benko Fitness Center

355 CMS at a glance
Group Commander: Col Mark Murphy

Squadron commander: Lt. Col Steven Haynes

First Sergeant: SMSgt Hector Herrera

Squadron Motto: Lifeline...........to the Flightline!!