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Warrior of the Week: A1C Janelly Torres

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Desert Lightning Team's Weekly Warrior

Family: (Mom) Carmen Martinez
(Dad) Ramon Torres
(Brothers) Raymond Torres and Lenox Torres

Hometown: East Hartford, Connecticut

Unit: 355 Fighter Wing Command Post

Job title: Emergency Action Controller

Job description: Provides command, control, communications, and information support throughout the full spectrum of operations to include peacetime, emergency and disaster situations, crisis, contingency and war. Receives and relays C2 instructions and records; collects, processes, and submits manual and automated data products. Disseminates time- sensitive critical information to senior leaders and support agencies.

Goals: SrA below the zone and finish my CCAF and bachelors degree.

Hobbies: working out, watching football, video games, and riding motorcycles

Favorite Sports Team: UCONN Huskies!

Favorite performer: Keyshia Cole

Favorite dish: "Mofongo" (Puerto Rican dish)

I'm proudest of: My family

Best asset: My determination and outgoing personality

Person I admire most: My mother

Pet peeve: Negativity

What I like most about D-M: The weather and surrounding mountains

355 Fighter Wing Command Post at a glance
Group Commander: Col Cherrey

Squadron commander: Maj Scoggins

First Sergeant: MSgt Richard