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Warrior of the Week: Senior Airman Michael Moseley

Senior Airman Michael Moseley

Senior Airman Michael Moseley

Family: Bruce and Cynthia Moseley

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Unit: 355TH OSS

Job title: Aircrew Flight Equipment Journeyman

Job description: manages, performs, and schedules inspections, repairs, maintenance, and adjustments of assigned aircrew flight equipment (AFE) such as flight helmets, oxygen masks, parachutes, flotation devices, survival kits, helmet mounted devices, aircrew night vision and other ocular systems, anti-G garments, aircrew eye and respiratory protective equipment, chemical biological protective oxygen masks and coveralls, and other types of AFE and aircrew chemical defense systems. Also repairs fabric and rubber components, including protective clothing, thermal radiation barriers, flotation equipment, and various parachutes.

Most rewarding job aspect: knowing that my job keeps our pilots coming home safely back to their family and loved ones from their flights.

Goals: becoming a successful and motivating leader in the Air Force and achieving a well known status as an actor

Hobbies: acting, creating music, dancing, and destroying souls on Call of Duty: Blackops on-line

Favorite performer: Michael Jackson

Favorite dish: Tortellini with slices of ham

I'm proudest of: As egotistical as it may sound, myself.

Best asset: Definitely my sense of humor and open friendliness toward others.

Person I admire most: SSgt Steve Moreira

Pet peeve: Procrastinators

What I like most about D-M: The closeness to other popular cities such as Las Vegas and San Diego.

355TH OSSĀ at a glance
Group Commander: Col Samuel Milam

Squadron commander: Lt Col Kim Campbell

First Sergeant: MSgt Cat Register

Squadron Motto:"OG Attack! Ka Kaw!"