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Davis-Monthan AFB Health and Wellness Center

The Health and Wellness Center is dedicated to prevention and health enhancement. The HAWC provides a number of prevention programs to active duty, reserve, dependents, retirees, civilian, and contract workers. Programs include weight management, tobacco cessation, cholesterol, diabetes, stress management, and commissary tours. We have a variety of health and nutrition information literature available free of charge. Interested individuals should call the HAWC at (520) 228-2294 for more information.
Nutrition Education Purpose

Nutrition education is a major component of Health Promotion. It encourages healthy lifestyles that contribute to improved operational readiness, total fitness, disease prevention and optimal health.

Physical Fitness Education

Ongoing education and supportive environment for all members and early intervention for members not meeting fitness test standards are essential to maintain health and fitness. All classes are open to everyone even if not participating in the mandatory program. We offer physical fitness classes as well physical fitness information through classes, consults and brochures. Remember ... fit for duty, fit for life!

Healthy Living Program (HLP)

The Healthy Living Program (HLP) is for members not meeting Air Force fitness test standards. It is designed as an interactive class to provide information related to nutrition and exercise that is needed to improve fitness and to identify motivational factors and behavior change strategies needed to implement and maintain a fit lifestyle change. The workshop is intended as a collaborative effort among behavioral health providers, dietitians, and fitness experts. Together, the behavioral health provider, registered dietitian, and fitness expert help the workshop participants develop a comprehensive individualized plan for fitness.

Body Composition Improvement Program (BCIP)

Participants can expand on the concepts presented within the HLP by attending the Body Composition Improvement Program (BCIP). BCIP is for individuals who self-refer or who score below 75 and have an abdominal circumference (AC) that places them at higher risk (women with AC > 35 inches and men with AC > 40 inches). BCIP is designed to help participants shed unwanted weight and maximize fitness for the long-term with a "health-wise", sensible approach, the BCIP program consists of a series of two core classes with monthly follow-up. Classes will last approximately 2 hours and will require approximately one hour per day of self-monitoring, planning, and workbook exercises.

The BCIP focus is on producing permanent behavior change by targeting nutrition and exercise habits, as well as the development of support systems to help maintain positive lifestyle changes. It will build upon the basics learned in the HLP, and provide an opportunity to actually apply the concepts to common barriers and daily situations.

Tobacco Cessation - Be Ready, Be Fit, Be Tobacco Free
In a time of war we cannot afford to compromise mission accomplishment by using tobacco (smoke and smokeless). Tobacco use decreases night vision, mental acuity, ability to deal with stress, lung capacity, wound healing, and stamina. In the words of the Surgeon General, "a tobacco free force will improve quality of life and enhance mission effectiveness. We cannot continue to compromise our ability to "Fly, Fight and Win for America."

Why Enroll in the Tobacco Cessation Program?

Amazing Quit Rates: A new tobacco cessation pill called CHANTIX is now prescribed to all TRICARE beneficiaries who want to "kick the nicotine habit". Within three months of taking CHANTIX, 56% of enrollees have been able to quit. This huge success has been partly driven by the fact that CHANTIX blocks key receptors linked to nicotine addiction in the brain, thus preventing nicotine from reaching those receptors and giving you the best shot of quitting. In addition, customer satisfaction and support have also been critical in the success of the program. AD, dependents and retirees are welcome. We have multiple options for you to choose from. Call the HAWC at (520) 228-2294 for more information.