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Hometown Heroes

Aerospace and Arizona Days Hometown Heroes Selection Minimum Requirements

1) People ineligible for the program include, but are not limited to: elected and appointed officials; unit honorary commanders; newscasters; reporters; or other individuals who have the ability to garner publicity in their own right.

2) Persons with prior felony convictions are not eligible for a flight with the Thunderbirds under the Hometown Heroes Program.

3) Anyone who has previously flown with the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels or in an Air Force Fighter will be automatically disqualified, so please do not send in their names.

4) Must able to speak and understand English

5) All medical briefings, life support fittings, pilot briefing and additional training will begin no later than 3 hours prior to the scheduled takeoff time. Arriving late will delay or cancel the flight.

6) Expect your nominee to fill out a medical questionnaire with the following questions:
a. Do you have any medical conditions that require you to see a doctor on a regular basis?
b. Please list all medications taken in the past 60 days
c. Have you ever been hospitalized?
d. Do you have any long-standing ear or sinus problems?
e. Do you have any upper neck, lower back or spine problems?
f. Have you ever been told that you have a disc problem in your back?
g. Have you ever been told that you have a heart problem or condition?
h. Have you ever been treated for diabetes, anemia or high blood pressure?

Your medical information will be kept strictly confidential. If the Thunder Birds flight surgeon determines you are not medically fit to fly for any reason, no one, including your employer or air show organizers, will be told anything other than "We are not in a position to approve this candidate at this time."

If you have any questions you would like to discuss with our flight surgeon prior to the submission of your paperwork, please contact a member of the Thunderbird Public Affairs staff at 702-378-7950 or at usaf.thunderbirds@nellis.af.mil.

j. The absolute minimum and maximum weights for a hero flier are between 103 - 245 lbs.
k. A waiver must be requested for fliers between 103-139 lbs and 212-245 lbs. No waiver is required for fliers between 140-211 lbs.
l. The head-to-butt and head-to-knee are critically important. The approved sitting height range is between 34 - 39.7 inches, and the total height is between 64 - 77 inches.
m. Max height = 6'5".
n. Chest size range = 34" - 48".
o. Max waist = 38".
p. Boot size range = Size 5 - 13 (men's sizes).
q. Age limit = 55.


Hometown Heroes Application

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