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Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorizes another person to act on your behalf. The Power of Attorney can be either Special or General. A Special Power of Attorney gives another person the authority to do something specific on your behalf, like register your vehicle. A General Power of Attorney grants another person the authority to do almost anything on your behalf. Many businesses do not accept General Powers of Attorney because they are not specific and are often abused.

Certain Powers of Attorney require that you bring specific information with you to the legal office. That information is described below.

In Lieu of Tax

Military members who are not Arizona residents, but are present in Arizona on military orders, are exempt from Arizona Vehicle License Taxes. To get this exemption, a military member must get a signed In Lieu of Tax form from the legal office and bring it to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). To get the signed In Lieu of Tax form, you must bring the following information to the legal office:

-The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
-Year, make and model of vehicle
-Current Leave and Earning Statement (LES)

In Loco Parentis

To grant another person authority to care for your children, you must get an In Loco Parentis. To accomplish this, you need the following information:

-First name, last name, and middle initial of child(ren)
-Date of birth of child(ren)


To grant another person the authority to do any activity with your home, you must provide the legal office with:

-Property address
-Legal description of the property (which can be found on the deed)

Bank Account Access

To authorize an individual to make decisions regarding your bank accounts, you must provide the legal office with:

-Name of bank
-Type of account (e.g. savings or checking)
-Account number