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Claims Information


The Air Force Claims Service Center (AFCSC) in Dayton, Ohio is now the focal point for claims involving loss or damage to household goods, storage, personal property in government quarters and privately owned vehicles shipped or stored at government expense.

This new process will enable Airmen to file claims online and electronically submit required documents to the AFCSC in Dayton. Airmen can complete the process from home after a one time login on any government computer.

As members complete their claim online, they can get customer service over the web or from the center by phone. Not only will the online filing system accelerate the processing of the claim but it will allow for a more expeditious payment.

Full Replacement Value

To get full replacement value from the carrier, the DD Form 1840/1840R (pink forms or "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery/Notice of Loss and/or Damage") needs to be submitted to the carrier within 70 days. This gives the carrier notice of damaged or lost items. This however, is not filing the actual claim. To file the claim with the carrier, contact the carrier to get their claims packet and instructions on how to file a claim with that specific carrier. You have nine (9) months to file the claim with the carrier after submitting your DD Form 1840/1840R.

Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

If you have shipped your property using DPS, file your claim directly with the carrier online through DPS.

Other Claims

If you are unsatisfied with a carrier's offer or want to file any other type of claim, call the AFCSC at DSN 986-8044 or 1-877-754-1212. You may also file a claim online with the AFCSC at


The Davis-Monthan AFB legal office will still answer any general claims questions; however, specific questions regarding the online processing system, see the center's public website at https://claims.jag.af.mil/legalassistance/index.php.