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Muscular Dystrophy Association

 MDA holds lock-ups throughout Southern Arizona. These lock ups are a fun way for community leaders to raise "bail" money to help send "Jerry's Kids" to Summer Camp. Volunteers help by "booking" "jail birds" and taking their picture "behind bars". MDA relies heavily on support from Davis-Monthan for lock up drivers; in 2006-2007 DM drivers contributed over 300 hours taking "jail birds" to lock up. In addition to participating in the lock ups and other fund raisers, 8 DM volunteers contributed 1,260 hours as camp counselors and one-on-one volunteers, who help with all aspects of both recreational and personal care, enabling children with a disability to just be a kid, for the 2007 MDA Summer Camp Summer.

For more information call Chris Tompkins, District Director, (520) 795-3434

Link: http://www.mdausa.org