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Sexual Assault FAQs -- Question 4

Q: What can I do to help someone who has been sexually assaulted?

A: Listen to the victim and take the allegations seriously.
- Do not make judgments about the victim or the alleged offender.
- Encourage the victim to report the crime. The alleged offender may be subject to court-martial and administrative separation, but leave that to the commander to determine.
- Support the victim and show respect.
- Suggest counseling, which can help reduce the victim's stress about the assault.
- Demonstrate empathy by concentrating on helping your friend, fellow soldier, or colleague.
- If necessary, offer to report the sexual assault to the proper authorities
Offer to help the victim explore treatment and reporting options.

What can all Airmen do to help?

Wingman look out for each other and take care of each other. We must strive for an environment where this type of behavior is not tolerated and where all airmen are respected. Our core values and the ideal of respect are the foundation for how we live as Airmen.