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0800-0810 Cadets Enroute to Wing Conference Room for Installation Brief

0810-0835 Installation Brief

0835-0845 Enroute to Aerospace Maintenance & Regeneration Group

0845-0925 AMARG tour

0925-0935 Enroute to Security Forces for Military Working Dog Demo

0935-1010 Military Working Dog Demo

0925-0935 Enroute to Base Ops for Statics

0935-1010 View the A-10, HH-60 and HC-130 Statics

1010-1015 Enroute to Munitions Load Barn

1015-1040 Munitions Load Barn Demo

1040-1045 Enroute to Armament Building

1045-1110 Armament Briefing/Tour/Display of CAST gun

1110-1115 Enroute to A-10 Phase Hangar

1115-1140 Phase Hangar Brief

1140-1145 Enroute to Officers' Club for lunch

1145-1245 Lunch

1245 Depart Officers' Club for Lodging

End of Activities