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AMARG - FOIA Factsheet

AMARG - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


To allow the general public including foreign citizens, military, civilian personnel acting as private citizens, an organization or business, to request records electronically or in writing from the Federal Government. Records or information may be withheld if they fall under one of nine exemptions or two law enforcement record exclusions. 


FOIA requests must be submitted in writing with a specific statement invoking FOIA action, reasonably describing the records desired, and identifying a willingness to pay any assessable fees.

FOIA Request Guidelines
  • Must be in writing (written requests may be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed). Verbal requests are not accepted.
  • Must state the requester's willingness to pay fees or request a waiver of fees.
  • Must reasonably describe the records requested.
Additional information which may assist us in responding to your request:
  • Provide as much detail about the information as possible in order to assist us in locating the requested records (e.g., file names, reference numbers, locations, dates).
  • Provide a phone number for more expeditious communications regarding processing and clarification of the request.
Send Your FOIA Request To

Attn: FOIA Manager
4860 Superior Ave.
Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 85707-4305
FAX: 520-228-8647


Sample FOIA Request

Company Name (If Applicable)
City, State, Zip Code + 4
Commercial Telephone:
Fax Number: (If Applicable)
4860 S. Superior, Bldg 7328
DMAFB, AZ 85707-4369

Dear FOIA Officer:
Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), I request, [must reasonably describe records request as specifically as possible]. 


The FOIA allows fee charges based on the requester's category. There are three categories: commercial (pay search, review, and reproduction fees); educational, non-commercial scientific institution, and news media (pay reproduction fees; first 100 pages provided at no cost); and others (pay search and reproduction fees; first two hours search and 100 pages provided at no cost). The FOIA also allows waivers or reductions in fees if disclosing the information is in the public interest. 

FOIA Request Questions

FOIA requesters who have any questions concerning the processing of their requests may email the HQ AFMC FOIA office for point of contact information.

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