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Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group

The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) is a one-of-a-kind specialized facility within the Air Force Materiel Command structure. AMARG provides critical aerospace maintenance and regeneration capabilities for Joint and Allied/Coalition warfighters in support of global operations and agile combat support for a wide range of military operations.

Although AMARG traces its heritage back to 1946 when the 4105 th Army Air Force Base Unit was established to store and manage vast numbers of surplus World War II aircraft, capabilities define the AMARG of today and of the future.

A major industrial center occupying 2,600 acres, AMARG manages an inventory of more than 4,200 aircraft, 40 aerospace vehicles and 350,000 line items of production tooling. In addition to the historic storage and disposition mission, the Center's highly skilled 662-member workforce regenerates aircraft, returning them to flying status or preparing them for overland shipment. The AMARG team also reclaims hundreds of millions of dollars worth of parts to support global warfighting operations.

This combination of parts reclaimed and aircraft withdrawn represents a return on taxpayer investment of more than $1.07 billion, nearly $11 returned for every dollar spent at AMARG.

Although the Center's primary customer is the Department of Defense, additional workloads come from other national, regional and local government agencies, as well as foreign allies.

Four product divisions, Aircraft, Commodities, Storage and Disposal, conduct AMARG's core industrial operations.

The Aircraft Division performs unparalleled regeneration and specialized aircraft repair. Currently Aircraft Division activities include participation in the A-10 service life extension and wing modification programs, F-4 regeneration for the Air Combat Command's Full-Scale Aerial Target (FSAT) or drone program, and partnership with the U.S. Navy to regenerate and deliver P-3 aircraft to various foreign allies in order to improve allied interoperability.

The Commodities Division removes, inspects, repairs and delivers aircraft parts and subassemblies in support of U.S. and foreign allied contingency and training efforts. In 2005, the Division reclaimed and shipped worldwide 19,194 parts valued at almost $568 million. Additionally, innovations by Commodities Division team members have saved the government millions of dollars in costs associated with the A-10 wing modification program.

The Storage Division prepares aircraft for short-and long-term storage and maintains them while in storage. These comprehensive preservation and maintenance practices safeguarded more than $33 billion in aerospace assets and made possible the subsequent reactivation of many of these weapon systems.

The Disposal Division administers the receipt and accountability for all aerospace vehicles, located at AMARG, that have been declared excess to weapons systems program requirements.

An Air Force 2004 Organizational Excellence Award recipient, AMARG provides a critical capability among AFMC war-winning organizations. The Center will continue to embrace new and innovative techniques necessary to best serve the Air Force, joint and allied/coalition partners well into the future.