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The A-10 Demo Team

The West Coast A-10 Demonstration Team is one of seven Fighter Demonstration Teams sponsored by the Air Combat Command (ACC) of the United States Air Force. The West Coast A-10 Demonstration Team is assigned to the 355th Wing at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. During the 2005 season, the team performed at 38 show sites in the United States and Canada for over 15 million spectators.

The Team Pilot and OIC is Major Brian "Stitch" Willits, a veteran fighter pilot with over 9 years experience in high performance aircraft. Safety Observers for the team are Major Brendan O'Brien, Captain Steve Hutchinson, Captain Ross Iacomini and 1stLt Andrew Tidgewell. The team NCOIC is MSgt Bill Fortenberry and the Assistant NCOIC is SSgt Jason Clark. There are six Crew Chiefs assigned to provide maintenance support: SSgt Adam Cortes, SSgt Jerami Reyna, SrA Earlray Haag, SrA Tyler Young, A1C Robert Mantell and SrA Morgan Edenstrom. Three of these individuals travel to each show location.

The A-10 capability demonstration is designed to highlight the superior performance characteristics of the aircraft. The combination of high and low speed maneuvering, rapid rolls, maximum performance climbs, descents, and simulated weapons employment vividly illustrate the Thunderbolt II's capabilities.

The Demonstration Team's mission is to promote recruiting and retention through understanding of the Air Force and it's mission. After the show, team members answer questions about the demonstration and the Air Force in general. Team members also make community service and media appearances at show locations.