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923d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Spotlight

923d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

923d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron


923d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron


Brief History:

Constituted as 923 Maintenance Squadron on 29 May 1951. Activated in the Reserve on 14 Aug 1951. Inactivated on 15 Jun 1952. Redesignated as: 923 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron on 22 Oct 1984; 923 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron on 4 Mar 2010. Activated on 20 Mar 2010.


We maintain, that others may live.



Ensure rapid mobilization of HH-60G and HC-130J acft and mx forces supporting combat/peacetime CSAR ops.


Vision Statement:

Develop and embody an environment of Empowered Airmen postured to achieve Excellence, Pride, and Professionalism through two basic tenants…Readiness and Compliance



923 AMXS maintains, services, and inspects 7 HC-130J and 9 HH-60G aircraft.  Plans, schedules, and directs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to ensure mission-ready status.  Rapidly mobilizes & deploys aircraft, equipment, and forces to provide combat and peacetime personnel recovery operations in support of US national security interests.  Provides direct maintenance support for the 79 RQS and 55 RQS UTCs as well as the 48 RQS Guardian Angel UTCs.


Current as of Nov 2017