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Carbon Monoxide


As temperatures continue to drop in southern Arizona, many residents will turn on their furnaces for the first time after many months of hot and dry weather. With that, there is an increased risk of carbon monoxide production in your home.


Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. It is often referred to as the “invisible killer,” and can have devastating effects on your family’s health.


We at Davis-Monthan Fire Emergency Services would like to remind all Desert Lightning Team members that if your carbon monoxide detector sounds, you should move everyone in the household outside to fresh air and call 911 if you’re off base, and 228-3333 if on base. Be sure to let the dispatcher know if anyone is experiencing flu-like symptoms.


It’s also important to remember to never attempt to heat your home with a kitchen oven, do not warm vehicles up inside your garage, and only use barbecue grills outdoors.


If you live in base housing and are having problems with smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, please contact Soaring Heights Housing maintenance at 748-3334.


For additional information, you can contact Davis-Monthan Fire Emergency Services Prevention Division at 228-4333.