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Speed humps installed at gates

DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- At any given time, numerous Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection enhancements are being considered or are in the process of being completed. Some of these projects are more visible to the base populace than others.

The recent addition of speed tables or "humps" at D-M's installation entry gates is designed to mitigate a possible high-speed avenue of approach from a threatening vehicle. These speed tables/humps will reduce the maximum attainable speed of a vehicle and increase our security forces' reaction time, which will ultimately enhance our active "pop-up" barrier systems.

These added speed tables - in conjunction with the current design features at our gates - will meet the DOD-mandated AT/FP requirements. Completion of this project will help ensure optimum security and protection for Davis-Monthan's personnel and resources.

Additionally, while being just as effective, the speed tables don't present the logistical problems of a more major construction undertaking, which would realign roadways, relocate equipment and have a significant impact on traffic flows.

If you have any further questions regarding AT/FP issues please contact Ron Hoover, installation anti-terrorism officer, at 228-0027.

Note: If you drive a low-clearance vehicle, it is recommended that you use the Craycroft gate for installation entry and exit.