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CCAF awards 125 associate degrees in spring ceremony

DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- The Community College of the Air Force granted 125 associate degrees to 114 D-M Airmen during its spring graduation ceremony May 24 at the Mirage Officer's Club here.

The CCAF is an accredited Air Force-wide college that provides curricula for Airmen to pursue an associate's degree, most often in their own Air Force specialty. As the largest multicampus community college in the world, it has affiliated schools located in 35 states and the District of Columbia, along with six foreign locations and one territory. 

To earn a CCAF degree, Airmen must complete 64 semester hours and reach a five-level in their career field. The semester hours required are broken up into five blocks: 24 technical training hours, 4 basic training hours, 6 management hours, 15 general education hours and 15 program elective hours. 

Statistics show that at least 80 percent of servicemembers are enrolled in CCAF.

"(More than) 290,000 servicemembers have earned an associate's degree through CCAF, which gave out its first in 1977," said Senior Master Sgt. Crystal Flowers, the career assistance advisor for the 355th Mission Support Squadron here.

Five Pitsenbarger Awards were handed out during the ceremony. The awards provide a one-time grant of $500 to selected top Air Force enlisted personnel graduating from CCAF who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree. The grants coincide with the CCAF graduation ceremonies, which are held each spring and fall. Recipients this spring were Staff Sgt. Candace Booker of the 355th Communications Squadron, Tech. Sgt. Angela Borum and Staff Sgt. Anna Payne of the 612th Combat Operations Squadron, Staff Sgt Amanda Gleason of the 41st Electronic Combat Squadron, Tech. Sgt. Laurie Holmon of the 355th Fighter Wing legal office.

An education fair at the officers' club immediately followed the graduation.

"The purpose of having the education fair after graduation to give the Airmen more opportunities," said Raphael Maldonado, a CCAF counselor here. "They just graduated, and now we have all these schools here in one place so that they can shop around and further their educations."

Base Training and Education Services has walk-in hours from 8-10 a.m. and 2-3 p.m.; you can call 228-4815 to set up an appointment with a career counselor.

List of spring graduates:

SrA Alkire, Rachel
SSgt Amaya, Rueben
SSgt Ambush, Marqus
SSgt Armsey, Case
MSgt Austin, Russell
TSgt Azana, Angelo
SSgt Bailey, Damion
TSgt Bennett, Brandon
SSgt Biggers, Christopher
TSgt Blecha, Bethany
SSgt Booker, Candace
TSgt Borum, Angela
TSgt Bowersock, Jason
SSgt Cantu, Michael
SSgt Christofaro, Jennell
MSgt Clark, Scott
SSgt Combs, Anthony
SSgt Creech, Joseph
SrA Cumbie, Thomas
MSgt Dimler, Michael
SSgt Donalson, Cheryl
SSgt Doucet Joseph
TSgt Dow, Michael
TSgt Dulawan, Christopher
MSgt Eberlan, Jeffrey
TSgt Eldridge, Kevin
MSgt Ellis, Robbie
SSgt Elms, George
SSgt Farmer, Lequary,
SrA Franco, Shanna
SSgt Fruit, Jonathan
TSgt Gaines, Adrian
SSgt Gamber, Wayne
SSgt Gavino, Ivana Celeste,
SSgt Glass, David
SSgt Gleason, Amanda
A1C, Gonzalez, Angela
MSgt Gouge, Bobby
A1C, Graves, Nicholas
MSgt Green, Deanna
SSgt Halliburton, David
TSgt Hamilton, Grant
SSgt Harris, Clinton
SSgt Hodgson, Bianca
TSgt Holman, Laurie
SrA Hovorka, Kathryn
SSgt Howard, Justin
SSgt Jahnke, Joshua
SrA Jennings, Tiffany
SrA Juell, Aubrey
SrA Keating, Marc
TSgt Keefner, Erik
SSgt Kneier, Jason
SrA Knutson, Mark
TSgt Kobayashi, Mark
SrA Kummerer, Jared
TSgt Lemke, Adam
SSgt Lesniak, Nicholas
SrA Lewis, Amanda
MSgt Lewis, Tyler
TSgt Lybarger, Richard
MSgt Manuel, Tyrone
MSgt Marquesen, Richard
MSgt Maurer, William, ,
TSgt Mccallum, Timothy, ,
SSgt Mciver, Brandon
SSgt Melgosa, Robert
MSgt Melton, James
MSgt Milcic, Kevin
MSgt Miller, Jimmy
SSgt Monroe, Adriana
MSgt Moore, Brandon
TSgt Mykes, Michael
MSgt Nielsen, Kevin
MSgt Olekshuk, Russell
TSgt Oreilly, Nicholas
SSgt Parshall, Brandon
SSgt Payne, Anna
SSgt Perea Gregory
SSgt Porter, Judd
SSgt Rolen, Barry
SSgt Rosales, Alexander
TSgt Roser, Douglas
SSgt Sabotka Bradley
TSgt Shoulders, Reginald
MSgt Snapp, Robert
SSgt Soto, David
SrA Sroka, Jeffrey
TSgt Staley, Richard
TSgt Stenberg, Heather
SrA Tanner, Oliver
SSgt Taylor, Paula
MSgt Thompson, Barry
MSgt Timberlake, Richard
TSgt Vera, Matthew
SSgt Villamayor, Elizabeth
SSgt Vollmer, Frank
SSgt Warriner, Adam
SSgt Warriner, Melanie
A1C, Weigelt Justin, ,
MSgt White, Melissa
TSgt Williams, Archie
TSgt Williams, Clarissa
MSgt Williams, Jon
MSgt Williamson, Brian,
TSgt Wilson, Thomas
SrA Work, Daniel
MSgt Wright Leon
TSgt Yates, Jason
MSgt Yetter, Michael