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SOUTHCOM holds annual commanders' conference

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. -- More than 50 senior leaders from U.S. Southern Command, along with their spouses, took part in a Component Commander's Conference here Tuesday. 

The U.S. Southern Command's Component Commanders Conference, held quarterly, provides the Commander, Admiral James Stavridis, U.S. Southern Command, a forum to meet with his component commanders, associated commanders and senior enlisted leaders to outline his priorities and vision for the command's area of responsibility. 

"Adm. Stavridis said he knew Lt. Gen. Norman Seip's (Commander, 12th Air Force/U.S. Air Forces Southern)'collegial style for leadership would make him a perfect host for the conference and he has certainly been that.'" 

Another reason ADM Stavridis wanted to have the Component Commanders at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was to see the Combined Air and Operations Center, because it reflects an enormous upgrade in capability for USSOUTHCOM. 

"It [CAOC] was the most impressive physical structure I have been in since I've walked off my carrier, the USS Enterprise," said ADM Stavridis. 

The event also afforded the opportunity for the component and associated commander's to provide updates on their respective operations and activities within the region. During the four-day event, the admiral met with SOUTHCOM's senior enlisted leaders to discuss issues directly affecting SOUTHCOM's enlisted core. 

"It's vitally important to include Senior Enlisted leaders in every senior leadership decision," said ADM Stavridis. "They represent a link to the most important part of the force which is our enormous and wonderful all volunteer enlisted force." 

Admiral Stavridis assumed command of SOUTHCOM in October 2006 during a ceremony in Miami, Florida. 

The SOUTHCOM AOR, headquartered in Miami, Florida, encompasses more than 30 countries and covers about 15.6 million square miles. The region represents about one-sixth of the landmass of the world assigned to regional unified commands.