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Bulldogs donate flight suits to ROTC cadets

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. -- Volunteers from the 354th Fighter Squadron recently found a new way to help the University of Arizona Air Force ROTC cadets. On Feb. 2, they donated some lightly-used flight suits. 

The "Bulldogs" routinely help the local cadets, sometimes volunteering as speakers or guiding tours around Davis-Monthan. This effort, though, was organized after pilots from the 354th recalled their own ROTC days - when good flight suits were hard to come by. 

"Always looking out for fellow Air Force brothers and sisters, we decided to gather up old flight suits sitting at the bottom of our closets and donate them to the local ROTC detachment," said Lt. Col. Cliff Bowman, the squadron's director of operations. 

The ROTC uniform custodian requested 10 flight suits from the squadron, specifically for the cadets selected to participate in pilot training. "These flight suits will give the cadets who are chosen for pilot training a more realistic feel," said Col. Joseph Abbott, University of Arizona Air Force ROTC Detachment 20 commander. 

Squadron leadership circulated an e-mail throughout the unit to request donations through the months of November and December. Numerous pilots then came to the aid of the cadets. 

"The squadron always enjoys helping out where we can, and we are really excited that the ROTC cadets can benefit from the uniforms we don't use anymore," Colonel Bowman said. 

"We at Detachment 20 are very appreciative and very excited about the
giving relationship between D-M and our program," Colonel Abbott added.