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Airmen invite CoRC into Super Bowl fun

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. -- More than 100 Airmen crowded into the community center to watch the pinnacle of the professional football season - the Super Bowl. 

The community center was reminiscent of the average football fanatic scene - burritos,
nachos, hot wings, deli trays, memorabilia and jerseys. Though, purposefully missing from the scene was alcohol. 

"This event was organized to provide a Super Bowl party for the Airmen and families of the base, to enjoy the excitement of the big game, but in a safe environment," said Elaine Guinzy, 355th SVS community center director. 

The party, hosted by the 355th SVS and the Culture of Responsible Drinking program, ensured that Airmen who wanted to engage in a responsible evening could do so. 

The CoRC program is an Air Force-wide program that encourages Airmen to make good decisions regarding alcohol. 

With CoRC, Air Force leaders hope to change the way Airmen think about the whole spectrum of issues, from drinking and drug use on the one hand to healthy fitness behavior; sound financial management; vigorous suicide prevention; effective sexual assault response and prevention; and safe practices at work, at home, and on
vacation. The idea is to help Airmen stay healthy, safe, and in uniform, said Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force Lt. Gen. Arthur Lichte. 

A major aspect of the program is to offer events during the normal times when Airmen
would be in the situation to act irresponsibly.

"We hope this Super Bowl party gave Airmen the opportunity to get out of the (dormitories) and get involved with a base activity," said Lt. Col. David Carrell, D-M CoRC coordinator. 

Party-goers enjoyed the alcohol-free environment and didn't feel anything was left out. "I had a great time even without the beer. I was here with some great people, watched a great game and I'll be here again next year," said Senior Airman Tyler Graham, 355th Component Maintenance Squadron.. 

More non-alcohol centered events will appear as the months go on. The success of the Super Bowl party can be attributed to the Airmen participation in the CoRC team. 

"We are always looking for creative and new ideas from Airmen," said Colonel Carrell. 

Airmen can attend the meeting that takes place in the mission support group conference room in Building 3200 every third Wednesday at 8 a.m.