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D-M medical group Q & A

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. -- The 355th Medical Group held a Town Hall meeting May 7 to inform those in attendance about program guidelines, changes, and other important topics. Briefings included information about the summer manpower gaps and the referrals to Marana Health Center. The MDG plans to hold Town Hall meetings on a quarterly basis and welcome attendance by those who are assigned to a provider that the 355th MDG. The next 355th MDG Town Hall is projected to be held August 2015.

The following are questions and answer that were addressed at the 355th Medical Group Town Hall.Will I keep my same PCM after coming back to the clinic from Marana Health Center?
It is the intent of the 355th Medical Group to keep every patient with their current Primary Care Manager barring any permanent change of station or other staffing change with that provider.

How do my Military Treatment Facility medical records get to Marana Health Center?
Once you have your initial appointment with Marana Health Center, come to the TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration reception desk, located to the right as you enter the clinic pharmacy waiting area, and submit a request with our staff. Since the referral is temporary, is't common to get the last few visits, recent lab results, and medication list.

Why are lists given for Mental Health referrals, opposed to only receiving one provider name on other referral types?
The list is given in order for the benefit of the patient finding the provider that is best suited for the required service needed. After identifying the provider you wish to see, please notify United Healthcare Military & Veterans at 1-877-988-9378.

Are there sick call hours at the clinic?
To alleviate manpower gaps and allow access for active duty members with acute illnesses, we will offer a limited number of walk in appointments in June and July. Flight Medicine will continue to hold sick call for their active duty empanelment from 7:30-8:30 a.m. or 1:00-2:00p.m., except Wednesday afternoons and the third Thursday of every month.

If an Active Duty member does not complete their Fitness Assesment, where do they go?
All members that do not finish their fitness assessment require an invalidation from the Operational Force Medicine clinic, located in Bldg 420 where Flight Medicine was previously located. NOTE: If you are still exhibiting any symptoms which did not allow you to complete your FA, you must first present to Central Check-In to be evaluated by your PCM.

Are we able to use lab and pharmacy services at the 355th MDG while being seen downtown at Marana Health Center clinics?
Yes, all beneficiaries are still able to use ancillary services (lab, radiology, pharmacy) within our medical group.

To reach the 355th Medical Group appointment line call: (520) 228-2778