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A&FRC Readiness

Our Readiness team is here to assist you, whether it be questions you have before deployment or what activities we have to offer for your family wile you are gone. Below is a list of what your Davis-Monthan Readiness team has to offer!

Hearts Apart
Activities for family members whose spouses are TDY or on unaccompanied assignment for 30+ days. Open to all military families. We hold a special event once a month. Please see our calendar for this months Hearts Apart event!

Morale Calls
Morale calls from home. One 15 minute call per week for families of members deployed or on a remote assignment, must sign up first so give us a call today!

Computers & Support
Computers and FAX machine available for deployed family members to use. Comm Squadron has a volunteer group to assist families of deployed members with problems that may occur on their home computers. That's right ... we will come to you!

Deployed Family Dining 
Monthly program allowing families of deployed or remote troops to eat for free at the Desert Inn Dining Facility the first Tuesday of each month between the hours of 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Deployed Spouses' Newsletter
Keep current with what is happening around the base. Newsletter published monthly. So call and get on our mailing list today!

Give Parents A Break
Free child care one designated Saturday out of each month, except holidays, at the Child Development Center and/or Youth Center for up to 5 hours, must be Air Force.

Car Care Because We Care
Air Force Aid Society provides Air Force family members with one free oil change & safety check for the primary vehicle for TDYs 30 days or more.

Deployment/Return & Reunion Brochures
Different brochures available for most deployment situations. Literature on issues that may be encountered upon return for military moms, dads, children, spouses and single moms.

Welcome Home Banner Kits
Make a welcome home banner for your loved ones. We will provide materials needed.