Contact Info

If you need assistance from the Sexual Assault Response Office, call the 24/7 Hotline at 520-940-8059 or DSN 228-7272 (SARC).

You may also stop by the SAPR Office located on the first floor of the 355th FW Headquarters building, Bldg 2300, 3405 S. Fifth St.

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program


The Davis-Monthan Sexual Assault Response and Prevention program offers support services for victims of sexual assault:

- One-on-one direct interpersonal support

- Crisis intervention, referral and ongoing support

- Initial response

- During investigative, legal and recovery processes (if unrestricted)

- Available options and resources, on and off base, so victims can make informed decisions

- Explain reporting options to victim/survivor to facilitate informed decision

Program Parameters

Who does the program serve? A victim is someone who alleges direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of a sexual assault or other crime of interpersonal violence and who has a connection with the installation. The program applies to dependents and DoD civlians as well as military members.

Special Victims Counsel (SVC)

The purpose of the SVC program is to provide support to victims of sexual assault through independent representation; build and sustain victim resiliency; empower victims; and increase the level of legal assistance provided to victims. Victims will be provided free legal assistance for civil issues as well as knowledge and support during the military justice process.

The SVC is separate from the Legal Office and the Area Defense Counsel (ADC), allowing the attorney to concentrate solely on the needs of the victim.

A victim can request an SVC through the SARC, Family Advocacy Program, or base legal office. A victim may also directly contact the SVC office for legal assistance. If the victim meets all eligibility requirements, the victim will enter into an attorney/client confidential relationship with the SVC attorney.

There is an SVC at Davis-Monthan AFB
Comm: 520-999-1259/520-228-1383, DSN: 228-1383

Types of Reporting

· SARC does not notify the chain of command
· Victim advocate attends to victim's needs and provides supportive services
· Victim receives medical care and counseling
· Victim can initiate an unrestricted reporting decision at a later date
- Restricted reporting applies to active duty military, AF Civilian employees and family members 18 years and older.

· The chain of command is notified and begins a criminal investigation
· Victim advocate attends to victim's needs and provides supportive services
· Victim receives medical care and counseling

SAPR Leadership Messages

"During the last year, the Air Force has worked hard to combat sexual assault. We have invested in programmatic, educational, and resourcing efforts aimed at reinforcing a zero tolerance environment. The Air Force's mission depends on Airmen having complete trust and confidence in one another. Our core values of Integrity, Service and Excellence, define the standard. Sexual assault is absolutely inconsistent and incompatible with our core values, our mission, and our heritage. As such, our SAPR program is a priority both for ensuring readiness and taking care of our Airmen." 
         Deborah Lee James
         Secretary of the Air Force

"Sexual assault has no place in our Air Force. We live in a culture of respect. We cherish our core values of integrity, service and excellence. But in order to ensure all Airmen experience and benefit from those values, we must eliminate sexual assault in our ranks."
         Mark A. Welsh III
         General, USAF Chief of Staff

"Sexual assault has no place in our Air Force. We will continue to provide a balance of focused education, compassionate advocacy, and accountability in order to promote dignity and respect. We remain dedicated to eliminating sexual assault and instilling confidence and care in the reporting process.."
         James A. Cody
         Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force