355th Comptroller Squadron/355th Wing Staff Agencies

The Wing Staff Agencies are a diverse network of departments. Their primary goals are customer service, base coordination, community relations and safety while simultaneously providing direct support to the 355th Wing commander in order to meet mission requirements and Desert Lightning Team members' needs.

355th Comptroller Squadron

355th Comptroller Squadron Vision
“Develop resilient financial managers driven by AF Core Values, executing in a culture of innovation, accountability, and teamwork.”

355th Comptroller Squadron Mission
“Deliver sound Financial Decision Support to Team D-M by providing precise financial services and effective mission resource allocation.”

Contact Information:
Customer Service (Milpay/Travel Pay): 
Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 0900-1500. Submit an inquiry via the CPS Portal at https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/SAFFMCSP/portal/SitePages/Home.aspx.

Retirement and separation questions for non-CAC holding members please submit email inquiry to 355cpts.custsvc@us.af.mil.

Financial Analysis Office: (520) 228-5811

Commander’s Support Staff: (520) 228-5611

Helpful Links:
MyPay:  https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx
Per Diem/Allowances: https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/allowances.cfm
DFAS:  www.dfas.mil
GTC:  https://home.cards.citidirect.com/CommercialCard/ux/index.html#/login
CSP Portal: https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/SAFFMCSP/portal/SitePages/Home.aspx.


Air Force Comptroller Services Portal
The 355th CPTS Finance Customer Service office is excited to announce the launch of the Air Force Comptroller Services Portal (CSP) https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/SAFFMCSP/portal/SitePages/Home.aspx.

What: CSP enables Airmen to submit customer service requests related to Military Pay, Civilian Pay, and Travel Pay, and will eventually be the replacement for emailing our organizational email box. Customers will be able to submit, review, and track their requests anytime, anywhere.

When: We will go live July 20th.

Why: Because our customers need fast, virtual Finance Customer Service from anywhere they have access to a CAC reader.

The website is secure and fully protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII). CSP does not require VPN access but does require a CAC reader when using a personal computer. Members will be prompted to review their user profile and make any necessary updates (2-3 minute process) before submitting their initial request.

Email notifications alert the customer anytime changes are made. As the CSP continues to grow, you will also have access to regulations, announcements, knowledge articles, calendars, and other useful links to assist you in all things Finance.

355th Wing Public Affairs

Requesting PA Support

If you would like to request photo or video support, please download the AF Form 833 here and submit it to us at 355WG.VP@us.af.mil. To submit a message for the Craycroft marquee, fill out this form and email it to us at 355WG.VP@us.af.mil

Studio Photography - We offer studio services for official portraits, passport and deployment-related imagery.  The studio is open Monday through Thursday, with hours varying based on the type of photo required. Please call the Public Affairs office for information regarding support requirements, times, and to book an appointment at (520) 228-3406.  Walk-ins are welcome for official passports and deployment-related imagery.

Media Operations - Your one-step information source regarding contact between Military personnel and media outlets. If you have been approached by a media outlet please contact our Media Operations team at (520) 228-3407

Community Relations - We maintain ties with the Tucson community and ensure both the community and base populace stay informed about events and important activities. (520) 228-3378

355th Wing Command Post

The 355th Wing Command Post is the wing commander's 24/7 operations center; his eyes and ears to the entire installation. The command post emergency actions cell monitors emergency response activity, base law enforcement, and responds to emergency action messages and readiness condition changes from higher headquarters. We process quick reaction checklists for local emergencies, command and control requirements and conduct operational reporting. During higher states of readiness and in times of emergencies the command post is combined with the 355th Wing battle staff and its support battle staff, fully activating Davis-Monthan's crisis response and management capability.

355th Wing Inspector General

The Inspector General is responsible to the commander, 355th Wing, for the quality, credibility and effectiveness of the inquiries, complaints and Fraud, Waste and Abuse programs at D-M. At the direction of the commander, the IG office investigates complaint allegations and makes recommendations for resolution. It coordinates with higher headquarters IG offices, Secretary of the Air Force/Legislative Liaison, and Air Combat Command staff directorates to respond to high-level inquiries. It manages, monitors, and reports on the actions of audit, inspection, and investigation regarding Defense Hotline disclosures and acts as the wing liaison for all Congressional inquiries.

More information on the 355th WG/IG office can be found here.