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The Air Force Retiree Activities Program was established in 1972. The purpose of the program is to provide an interface between the active-duty force and the retiree population. At Davis-Monthan, a retiree of any military service, a family member or any person trying to assist a retiree is welcome to request assistance from the D-M RAO.

RAO Mission

The mission of the Retired Activities Office is to solicit volunteers to participate in and support various base programs. The regulation governing the RAO operation is AFI 136-3106. Some specific tasking are:

- Conduct Retiree Orientation Programs explaining veteran’s rights and entitlements.

- Tax and Estate planning.

- Volunteer recognition.

- Support the Staff Judge Advocate Volunteer Income Tax Program.

- Conduct Retiree Orientation Appreciation Day Briefings.

- Provide volunteers to attend base-level Advisory Councils.

- Publish a Retiree Newsletter.

Society of Military Widows

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Retired Activities Office
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