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355th Maintenance Group

An image of an A-10 being worked on, representing the 355th Maintenance Group.

The 355th Maintenance Group directs component repair, equipment maintenance, sortie production and overall daily maintenance operations for 355th Wing and associate units. The 355th MXG supports eight flying squadrons comprised of more than 110 A-10, EC-130H, HC-130P, and HH-60E combat-ready aircraft with more than 1,950 assigned personnel. It ensures quality of on- and off-equipment aircraft maintenance and executes an annual operating budget of $72.2M.




355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

The 355th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron generates all combat and training sorties in the 355th Wing and manages the efforts of approximately 570 personnel in 13 different specialties maintaining A/OA-10 attack aircraft. The squadron provides safe, properly configured aircraft in order to meet the flying hour program for three squadrons. It also develops and executes a scheduled maintenance plan to maintain long term fleet health, and provides forces to support worldwide contingency taskings.

355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

The 355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron performs on-/off-equipment maintenance and inspection on A/OA-10A, EC-130H, HC-130P, and HH-60G aircraft. The 355th EMS maintains aerospace ground equipment, life support equipment, GAU-8 30-millimeter gun systems and aircraft weapons release systems. It provides nondestructive inspection, fabrication of aircraft components and corrosion control support, and stores, maintains, inspects and transports munitions stockpile.

355th Component Maintenance Squadron

The 355th Component Maintenance Squadron directs intermediate-level maintenance to include repair and test of propulsion units. Members of the 355th CMS troubleshoot and repair avionics, navigation, computer, electronic warfare, and photographic equipment. The squadron also calibrates test, measurement and diagnostic equipment, and completes maintenance on aircraft accessory systems supporting seven flying squadrons comprised of A/OA-10, EC-130H, HC-130P, and HH-60G combat and training aircraft.

355TH Munitions Squadron

The 355th Munitions Squadron provides and performs with precision to produce, maintain and deliver the highest quality equipment and munitions at the highest standard of professionalism in support of all mission tasking's and partners. The squadron also supports every unit that requires munitions for training, testing and pilot qualifications.  The squadron's priorities are superior maintenance discipline, personnel development, and resource and equip to execute worldwide missions.