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The 355th Wing is the host unit at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, however, other units also call D-M home. Twelfth Air Force and The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) are also based out of D-M.

355th Wing


   Col. Michael R. Drowley              Col. Chad A. Balettie             CMSgt Shanece Johnson
  355th WG/CC                            355th WG/CV                          355th WG/CCC

12th Air Force


Maj Gen. Andrew A. Croft                    Col. David B. Lyons               CMSgt Alexander Del Valle

  12th AF/CC                                    12th AF/CV                                  12th AF/CCC

Air Combat Command


   Gen. James Holmes              Maj. Gen. John K. McMullen          CMSgt Frank H. Batten  
ACC/CC                                   ACC/CV                                   ACC/CCC

Air Force Leadership


       Dr. Heather Wilson                      Gen. David L. Goldfein                CMSgt Kaleth O. Wright
 Secretary of the Air Force                  Air Force Chief of Staff                CMSgt of the Air Force