A graphic of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base photo


VISION:  A lethal, agile, resilient, warfighting team ready to FIGHT.  Anywhere.  Always.

PRIORITIES:  Fight, Fit, Family – Respected, Protected, Connected

Fight – Fit – Family

LOE 1: FIGHT through Lethality and Readiness: We will purposefully train to certify as a Lead Wing, execute the AFFORGEN Model, and RESCUE/ATTACK across the globe at any time.  Our MCA program will lead the Air Force and ensure ALL Airmen are ready for the FIGHT.

LOE 2: Fit through Mental Health and Resilience: In addition to physical fitness, we will ensure our Airmen are mentally prepared with comprehensive resilience and the internal resources required to FIGHT.

LOE 3: Family through Relationships: Our team will establish new relationships & re-establish relationships lost during the pandemic.  These relationships allow us to FIGHT as a team, recover as a team, and win.

Respected – Protected – Connected

LOE 4: Respected with Equality Every day and in every shop, we will ensure all Airmen are treated with the same level of respect. We will embrace diversity to leverage talents and perspectives to succeed now and in the future.

LOE 5: Protected with Fairness Every Airmen must have the opportunity and environment to succeed.  Any practice that prevents an Airmen’s ability to thrive has no place in this Wing.

LOE 6: Connected with Culture Every Airman must be connected to the mission, their team, and their leadership.  We will build a culture that promotes teamwork, communication, and dedication to the FIGHT.



VISION:               A lethal, agile, resilient, warfighting team ready to FIGHT.  Anywhere.  Always.


PRIORITIES:        Fight, Fit, Family – Respected, Protected, Connected