The Wing Staff Agencies are a diverse network of departments. Their primary goals are customer service, base coordination, community relations and safety while simultaneously providing direct support to the 355th Wing commander in order to meet mission requirements and Desert Lightning Team members' needs.
The 355th Wing Command Post is the wing commander's 24/7 operations center; his eyes and ears to the entire installation. The command post emergency actions cell monitors emergency response activity, base law enforcement, and responds to emergency action messages and readiness condition changes from higher headquarters. We process quick reaction checklists for local emergencies, command and control requirements and conduct operational reporting. During higher states of readiness and in times of emergencies the command post is combined with the 355th Wing battle staff and its support battle staff, fully activating Davis-Monthan's crisis response and management capability.
The 355th Wing Equal Opportunity office is committed to providing superior support to senior leadership, unit leadership, unit commanders, tenant organizations, and D-M team community by enhancing unit cohesion for maximum mission effectiveness in areas concerning equal opportunity and human relations.

More information on the 355th WG/EO office can be found via factsheet and the WG/EO page.
The Inspector General is responsible to the commander, 355th Wing, for the quality, credibility and effectiveness of the inquiries, complaints and Fraud, Waste and Abuse programs at D-M. At the direction of the commander, the IG office investigates complaint allegations and makes recommendations for resolution. It coordinates with higher headquarters IG offices, Secretary of the Air Force/Legislative Liaison, and Air Combat Command staff directorates to respond to high-level inquiries. It manages, monitors, and reports on the actions of audit, inspection, and investigation regarding Defense Hotline disclosures and acts as the wing liaison for all Congressional inquiries.

More information on the 355th WG/IG office can be found here.