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355th Mission Support Group

355th Mission Support Group

Brief History:
The 355th Mission Support Group was originally established as The 355th Combat Support Group, activated on 3 Nov 1965. It was organized on 8 Nov 1965 and then inactivated on 10 Dec 1970. It was again activated on 30 Sep 1976 and once again inactivated on 1 Oct 1981. On 1 May 1992 it was redesignated as The 355th Support Group, and then finally redesignated as the 355th Mission Support Group on 30 Sep 2002.

"Proud to be MSG"

Mission (Mission Statement):
We Train, We Fight, We Serve Team DM

Vision Statement:

The 355th Mission Support Group is made up of 1,391 Active Duty and 683 Civilian Employees. We serve 6,371 military personnel, 1,749 Civilian personnel, 6,567 Family members and 25,753 Retirees. Recent awards include the AF 2011 CINC IEA Award, CES AF Best Squadron, FSS ACC and AF Innkeeper Lodging award, and A&FRC best in ACC.