CAMP Program

Are you a good fit?

Just ask yourself the following questions:

"Are we/Am I willing to provide a home away from home atmosphere so that Airmen can just hang out, watch TV, do some laundry, get a home cooked meal, get away from work and the military every once in a while as well as show them some things around Tucson that they probably wouldn't have seen or known about?"

If the answer is Yes, then you/your family fit the intent of the program.

In the end, we would like families/individuals who can and want to form a bond with our young airmen that could potentially last a lifetime.

On behalf of Davis-Monthan AFB staff, the Airmen and their families, we wish to express our appreciation to you for your active involvement in the CAMP Program. As a partner in caring, not only will you play a significant role in the life of an Airman, but you may also find it to be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

About the CAMP program

The CAMP Program offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for you to provide Airmen exposure to family life and provide them a home-away-from-home during their first duty assignment. It also offers you the opportunity to support Davis-Monthan AFB and meet firsthand the fine young men and women of the 355th Fighter Wing and Desert Lighting Team.

Contact Information

Mail: CAMP Program Office
3895 S. Sixth St
Suite 200
Davis-Monthan AFB, 85707

FAX: (520) 228-5725

E-MAIL:  (for any questions about the CAMP Program)