55th Electronic Combat Group

55th ECG Elephant Walk

The 55th Electronic Combat Group provides combat-ready EC-130H COMPASS CALL aircraft, crews, maintenance and operational support to combatant commanders. The EC-130 COMPASS CALL program celebrated 40 years in October 2021. The 55th ECG is the only Electronic Combat Group in the Air Force and is a geographically separated unit from the 55th Wing, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. The group also plans and executes information operations including information warfare and electronic attack in support of theater campaign plans. Members of the 55th ECG conduct EC-130H aircrew initial qualification and difference training for 20 aircrew specialties and support operational and force development testing and evaluation for new aircraft systems. 

An Elephant Walk was conducted in June 2021, showcasing the group's ability to rapidly generate multi-ship, combat-ready sorties with any of their aircraft, ensuring quick reaction, counter-communication and counter radar airpower is ready anywhere, anytime.

41st and 43d Electronic Combat Squadrons

The 41st Electronic Combat Squadron, the longest continuously deployed Air Force unit supporting the U.S. Air Forces Central's mission, was activated at DM in July 1980, and the 43d Electronic Combat Squadron was activated at DM, April 1, 1992.  Accomplishing the COMPASS CALL mission, both squadrons provide vital capabilities in the realm of electromagnetic warfare for the Air Force and are poised for immediate deployment to specific theater contingencies. Each unit's mission is to support tactical air, ground and naval operations by confusing the enemy's defenses and disrupting its command and control capabilities. Both squadrons operate the EC-130H aircraft, a specially configured version of the Air Force's proven C-130 transport aircraft. To execute its unique missions, the aircraft were modified with electronic countermeasures systems, specialized jamming equipment, the capability to aerial refuel, as well as upgraded engines and avionics.


The 42nd Electronic Combat Squadron provides the 55th Electronic Combat Group with combat ready EC-130H COMPASS CALL trained aircrews. The 42d ECS directs EC-130H aircrew initial academic and flying qualification, differences and requalification training for 20 different aircrew specialties with more than 200 aircrew students trained annually. They maintain quality control for all aspects of contracted aircrew training and manages courseware development for 17 Air Combat Command-verified syllabi and provide the group with simulator support for both initial qualification and continuation training.

755th Operations Support Squadron

The 755th Operations Support Squadron supports the 55th Electronic Combat Group combat missions and contingency taskings. The 755th OSS performs command and control warfare analysis, targeting and intelligence support and directs operational support functions including weapons and tactics training for all Air Force EC-130H COMPASS CALL aircrews.

755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

The 755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides war-fighting commanders with combat-ready EC-130H COMPASS CALL aircraft to expeditiously execute information warfare and electromagnetic attack operations. The 755 AMXS plans and executes all on-equipment maintenance actions for 7 EC-130H and one TC-130H aircraft, including launch and recovery, scheduled inspections, servicing and component replacement. They also conduct all maintenance training, aircrew debriefing and supply functions.