DM welcomes military housing resident advocate

  • Published
  • By SSgt Giovanni Sims
  • 355th Wing Public Affairs

In an effort to improve housing and give residents a better way to help get their issues resolved, a new Department of Defense-wide housing initiative has been put in place to assist active duty military families residing in privatized housing.

After some concerns were raised about privatized military family housing, the DoD assigned privatized-housing resident advocates to the installations in order to help improve the quality of housing.

“I serve as the key advisor to the installation commander and wing leadership on housing issues related to life, health and safety,” said Jim Slough, 355th Wing privatized-housing resident advocate. “My job is to assist residents who are unable to resolve their housing concerns or needs and help seek solutions.”

Similar to the Military Housing Office and Soaring Heights housing, the resident advocate addresses any issues Airmen may have with their home on base. The new resident advocate position gives Davis-Monthan housing members another avenue to ensure their housing needs are addressed.

“The most common situation is that residents think that I can assist with all their issues without going through the correct process,” Slough said.  “If they follow the ‘Dispute Resolution Process,' most of the issues will be resolved in a timely manner.”

Davis-Monthan residents can contact the housing resident advocate at 520-228-3142 or email questions directly to