Protecting the Force. Defending the Base.

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jacob T. Stephens
  • 355th Wing Public Affairs

From sunrise to sunset, Airmen from the 355th Security Forces Squadron are on patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


The dedicated efforts of these Airmen protect the force of approximately 11,000 Airmen, 152 aircraft and 44 squadrons by defending the base and ensuring that Davis-Monthan is ready for the high-end fight.


“Each patrol has specific tasks to do, as well as patrolling the base and responding to any incidents that may occur,” said U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Sean Lebron, 355th SFS patrolman. “We are really just tasked to look over the base and do whatever is required to protect it. The number of patrols can vary depending on the day, but we always have patrols all over base to ensure security.”


From in-flight emergencies on the flight line to situations in base housing, SFS Airmen are prepared and trained to handle any and all situations that may occur.


“When incidents happen around base, we take it very seriously,” said Lebron. “If it is affecting personnel on our installation, it also affects us because it makes us want to do a better job to take care of them and make sure everyone is okay. We are doing the best we can in the most effective, professional and caring way we can.”

Without the Airmen and supporting community, the critical mission sets that are executed across the installation would not happen. These missions include 12th Air Force, Customs and Border Protection, the 355th Wing and its tenant units.

“Communities rely on police and security services, not only to respond in times of need, but also to reinforce physical and psychological safety and peace of mind within the base boundary,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. David Bullock, 355th SFS commander. “Our goals include promoting this reliance through advancing our reliability, and assuring safe and secure working and living environments for the populace. While we go mostly unseen in performing these duties, we take our responsibilities to the mission and to the public very seriously.”

The 355th SFS is committed to defending the mission by ensuring the safety of the Air Force’s most valuable resource, its Airmen and their families.

“Our priority is to effectively, professionally and constructively engage the base populace on security, defense and policing matters,” Bullock said. “The 355th SFS Airmen and professionals are here to work and here to help. Whether it’s the security and police missions, or readiness for defense and deployment, we strive every day and every night to optimize our effectiveness toward these ends, and keep watch over the resources and people that enable Davis-Monthan’s rescue and attack mission capabilities.”

All personnel on the installation are a sensor in support of force protection and integrated defense, and are reminded to call the base defense operation center at 520-228-3200 if you see of or hear of anything suspicious.