Qualifying DM’s first ADM teams

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jacob T. Stephens
  • 355th Wing Public Affairs

The 355th Security Forces Squadron hosted its first ever Advanced Designated Marksman Course at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, and in Florence, Arizona, April 14 – 16, 2021.

Airmen from the 55th Rescue Squadron and 355th SFS went through classroom and field training to qualify Davis-Monthan’s first four ADM teams.

“This is a specialized course for qualifying highly skilled marksmen to be a part of ADM teams,” said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. George Henry, 355th SFS course instructor. “This qualification allows members to go into high risk areas where they may have to use cover and concealment to track a target down, gather intelligence or provide overwatch support from far distances.”

This course trained sniper rifle nomenclature, assembly and disassembly of the weapon; as well as mathematic equations that factor in wind, temperature and humidity that are required to calculate the distance to a target.  Students also learned counter-sniper skills, team communication and effective employment of ADM teams. 

“Precision marksmen are an invaluable force multiplier that have historically had a greater mission impact than units much larger in size as they further guarantee the safety and security of all resources and personnel within their area of responsibility,” said Senior Airman Luis A. Padilla-Braun, 355th SFS patrolman.

Training Airmen to add mission capabilities enhances overall readiness as the Air Force continues to accelerate change for tomorrow’s fight.

“Not only did this course give them the opportunity to qualify on this specialized weapon system, but it also enhances their skillset to become multi-capable Airmen,” Henry said. “This ensures our Airmen are trained and ready for down range missions whenever they may be needed.”

The Air Force’s most valuable resource is its Airmen and this training highlights the safety and readiness of Airmen to deter and defeat any near-peer adversary that may arise.