Even on leave an Airman answers the call

  • Published
  • By By Airman 1st Class Vaughn Weber
  • 355 Wing Public Affairs

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Hunter Binstock from the 25th Operational Weather Squadron performed life-saving CPR to a man in Parker Canyon Lake, Arizona.

While Binstock was camping with family and friends in Parker Canyon Lake he witnessed a man fall from a 6-foot overhang and land with a thud, motionless. He immediately ran to assess the situation. The man, who he recognized as a family friend named Chris, sustained life-threatening injuries and was not breathing. Binstock started CPR and guided his spouse through first-aid administration. Finally, Chris began to breathe again after being resuscitated by Binstock.

“The skills I learned that helped me were from my time as a Physical Training Leader within my squadron,” Binstock said. “I had to keep my CPR training up to date, which really helped me in resuscitating Chris.”

Binstock then ran one mile to the nearest ranger station to call for emergency services. Once they were notified, Binstock ran back to remain on site administering aid for two hours until first responders showed up.

“When something like this happens time seems to slow down, and there is only one thing on your mind and that is what to do next,” Binstock said. “Thankfully, my training helped me assess the situation and act accordingly.”

From knowledge learned through his time as a PTL, and Self Aid Buddy Care at Basic Military Training, to some things he picked up from the 563rd Rescue Group a few years ago, Binstock was aptly prepared to deal with a situation like this and handled it with confidence.

Binstock was awarded the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal for Heroism on Jun. 24, 2021, by Lt. Col. William Frey, Commander of the 25th OWS, for his prompt actions that day and humanitarian regard for his fellowman.

“The medal is nice, but I am happier to say that Chris is alive and has mostly recovered from his accident.” Binstock said.