Desert Lightning Team SNCO Induction Aug. 29, 2023

DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz.-- Fifty-eight Airmen from across Davis-Monthan Air Force Base were selected for the rank of master sergeant and were formally inducted into the senior non-commissioned officer corps, Tucson, Ariz., Aug. 28, 2023.

This year 4,998 Airmen were selected out of 28,831 eligible technical sergeants across the entire U.S. Air Force resulting in a 17.3% selection rate, 58 of those Airmen belong to the Desert Lightning Team.

At the beginning of the ceremony, medallions were presented to the selects by the 355th Wing commander.

“Congratulations to all of the selects and a huge thank you to the friends and family that helped them get to where they are,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Scott Mills, 355th Wing commander. “Tonight is your night but when you return to your shops you will be expected to start thinking like a master sergeant and when staff and technical sergeants need guidance, you will have to fill that role now.”

Following the medallion presentation was a dinner and social.

At the end of the ceremony the SNCO charge was administered by the 355th Wing command chief. “You are charged with providing highly effective leadership,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Becker, 355th Wing command chief. “You are charged with translating leader’s direction into specific tasks and responsibilities your teams understand.

“You are charged with being an active and visible leader,” Becker continued. “You are charged to exceed the standards and expectations levied upon your NCOs and Airmen. You are charged with promoting a culture of flexible Airmen capable of adapting to evolving Air Force requirements throughout a career.”

The rank of master sergeant is the first grade in which an enlisted Airman is officially a member of a very small group of Airmen called the “Top 3” which includes master sergeant, senior master sergeant and chief master sergeant and the Airman transitions from the tactical level to a more strategic job responsibility.

Congratulations to all of the master sergeant selects at DMAFB!

(M)Sgt. Kamilla Adams
(M)Sgt. Daniel Aguirre
(M)Sgt. Edward Alexander
(M)Sgt. Kyle Basmajian
(M)Sgt. Gregory Brogden
(M)Sgt. Stephen Broussard
(M)Sgt. Jeremy Clark
(M)Sgt. Christopher Clary
(M)Sgt. Luis Colon
(M)Sgt. Brandon Cook
(M)Sgt. Marcos Coronel
(M)Sgt. Kevin Davis
(M)Sgt. Joseph Deangelis
(M)Sgt. John Decker
(M)Sgt. Andrew Denney
(M)Sgt. Christopher Doshier
(M)Sgt. Jerel Dy
(M)Sgt. Edgar Elizalde
(M)Sgt. Maximiliano Estrada
(M)Sgt. Joshua Freeman
(M)Sgt. John Gallagher
(M)Sgt. Jason Gaston
(M)Sgt. Joshua Geissler
(M)Sgt. Luis Gomez
(M)Sgt. Harvey Gonzales
(M)Sgt. Richard Haun
(M)Sgt. George Henry
(M)Sgt. Julius Holmes
(M)Sgt. Matthew Jameson
(M)Sgt. Christopher Judge
(M)Sgt. Robert Keller
(M)Sgt. Cayman Kidwell
(M)Sgt. Jacob Kincade
(M)Sgt. Ahmad Long
(M)Sgt. Carlton Mangrum
(M)Sgt. Michael Marquez
(M)Sgt. Leo Murphy
(M)Sgt. Cheyenne Nelson
(M)Sgt. Sean Nelson
(M)Sgt. Joshua O’Donnel
(M)Sgt. Sergio Padilla
(M)Sgt. Logan Pals
(M)Sgt. Justin Peattie
(M)Sgt. William Pence
(M)Sgt. Iesha Richardson
(M)Sgt. Logan Rollins
(M)Sgt. Antonio Romero
(M)Sgt. Caleb Ross
(M)Sgt. Oceana Shipp
(M)Sgt. Zachery Shoemaker
(M)Sgt. Zacharie Slaight
(M)Sgt. Andres Thomas
(M)Sgt. Ryan Thompson
(M)Sgt. Florentine Tirino
(M)Sgt. Orvil Velazquez
(M)Sgt. Tyler White
(M)Sgt. Ashley Wilhelmi
(M)Sgt. Robert Wood
(M)Sgt. Zachary Yoakam
(M)Sgt. Wallid Zaioun