CSAF, CMSAF highlight ‘Great Power Competition’ during Davis-Monthan visit

  • Published
  • By 355th Wing Public Affairs

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Allvin and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force David Flosi visited Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., July 8-9, 2024.

During their visit, Allvin and Flosi engaged with 355th Wing leaders, discussed Air Force priorities with Airmen and thanked the team for their dedication to the mission.

“The team, the 355th Wing and the 11th [Air Task Force] are working together like true Airmen, wingmen, do,” said Allvin, during his all call. “This team right here is leading the way, and we could not be more proud.”

Allvin addressed the importance of readiness and power projection as well as developing people and capabilities during times of Great Power Competition. He also spoke about what Davis-Monthan’s future brings and how it is vital to shaping high-end readiness with the new Air Task Force model.

“There are things we can do right now, update the way we present forces to the combatant commander,” said Allvin. “Train together, go through our Air Force Force Generation cycle together, prepare and be ready for the mission.”

Flosi reiterated the significance of operating in an era of Great Power Competition and addressed the motivations behind Airmen who wear the uniform.

“Each and every one of you are important to our Nation’s defense,” Flosi told Airmen. “I wake up every morning and do everything I can to make sure we are the most lethal fighting force the world has ever seen. What you do is important work, and work worth doing. I am honored to serve alongside you.”

After their address, the CSAF and CMSAF answered questions from the Airmen where they discussed military pay, compensation, and the acquisition process of new technologies. After the Q&A, the command team emphasized the capabilities the Airmen bring toward force operations.

“When I come to this place, I see the Airmen in action, and I see us leaning into change,” said Allvin. “This is important work and there’s no better team in America than the team I’m looking at right now.”