Diamond Sharp: Senior Airman Micah Davis

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Cameron Engleman
  • 355th
NAME/SQUADRON: Senior Airman Micah Davis, 355th Maintenance Operations Squadron

FIRST SERGEANT: Master Sgt. Cameron Engleman

DUTY TITLE: Standardized Load Crew Member

JOINED THE AF: 16 August 2010

HOMETOWN: Livingston, Wisconsin

HOBBIES: Running, working out, playing guitar, watching all Wisconsin sports teams

Senior Airman Micah Davis' ingenious skills lead him to develop an automated tracking system. This system was capable of highlighting major and minor Technical Orders Distribution Account discrepancies quickly and accurately to prevent overdue inspections; which eluded no write-ups with an impressive 11 of 11 zero discrepancies during Quality Assurance evaluations.
Davis also demonstrated superb communication skills when selected to brief a Junior ROTC tour, instructing and directing 48 aspiring cadets on the A-10 weapon system. The tour was exemplary and Davis received kudos from the JROTC commandant, who said, "Davis inspired recruits to pursue flying the A-10 Warthog."