Diamond Sharp: Airman 1st Class Christine Griffiths

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Russell Martin
  • 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
NAME/SQUADRON: Airman 1st Class Christine Griffiths, 355 Fighter Wing Public Affairs

FIRST SERGEANT: Master Sgt. Michael Kaczmarek

DUTY TITLE: Photojournalist

JOINED THE AF: 14 December 2010

HOMETOWN: Spring Hill, Florida

HOBBIES: Learning graphic arts, soccer, playing with her puppies, exploring Tucson, hiking

Airman 1st Class Christine Griffiths has been an outstanding Airman the last few months. Besides maintaining a high-level of production that we've come to expect, she has branched out and stepped up in various areas in the Public Affairs office. Taking her passion for graphic arts to a whole new level, Griffiths sought out training to become the DM.AF.MIL webmaster after the guru had PCS'd. She took her new found position to greater heights by consolidating materials from around the website in more organized fashion. Griffiths also created a brand new Angel Thunder page, allowing international media to gather information, imagery and video footage from one location. The site is critical to highlighting the 1,500+ participants from 24 nations taking part in the Department of Defense's number one CSAR Exercise.
More over with the current changes in the PA office, Griffiths stepped up to take charge of the PA ADPE account. Her tenacious efforts resulted in the discovery of 15 device discrepancies, and ultimately the unfreezing of the PA account allowing new mission critical items to be added and restoring mission capability. Whether it's scoring a 98 percent on her PT test or filling in for a coworker who was unable to complete a task, Griffiths routinely steps up to the plate and shines as an invaluable member of the 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office.