355th Communications Squadron provides technical support for Angel Thunder

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Josh Slavin
  • 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Recently the 355th Communications Squadron set up communication systems for over 2,000 personnel from all of the military services, 40 non-military agencies and at least twelve international partners here.

Angel Thunder is the largest personnel recovery exercise supporting the Department of Defense.

The exercise provides personnel recovery and combat search and rescue training for combat aircrews, pararescue, intelligence personnel, battle managers and joint search and rescue center personnel.

This is the world's largest and most realistic joint service, multinational, interagency combat search and rescue exercise. It is designed to provide training for personnel recovery assets using a variety of scenarios to simulate deployment conditions and contingencies.

On April 1, the 355th CS started equipping Desert Lightning City with communication systems, such as computers and radios.

Desert Lightning City is a simulated deployment camp here.

"Without our help, no one would be able to communicate with each other," said 1st Lt Shane Crowe, Angel Thunder deputy J6. "If they can't talk to each other they can't do the mission."

With the exercise now underway the 355th CS is now focused on working out bugs in the system, while also providing technical support for the different units and agencies currently working of out of Desert Lightning City.

"The biggest challenge for us during the exercise is the high demands," said 1st Crowe. "People have big expectations of what they should have while deployed."

To fill the need the need for computers and printers, the 355th Operations Support Squadron has provided equipment for Desert Lightning City. There have been 90 internet protocol addresses reserved for secure internet protocol router stations, not including the Army infrastructure.

When the exercise ends, the Airmen from the 355th CS will tear down all the communication systems and return them to the 355th OSS.