Moulage helps Airmen save lives

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Josh Slavin
  • 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Airmen from D-M volunteered to be moulaged during the base's phase two exercise from Dec. 11 to 14.

Moulaging is the process of applying costume makeup and the use of props to simulate real-life injuries. It is often used during base exercises. The visual effects of the moulage can help mentally prepare Airmen for possible real world injuries.

"This is important because we deploy a lot of doctors and this is to prepare them for the worst possible cases," said Staff Sgt. Jonine Woods, 355th Medical Group medical administrative technician.

The detailed injuries are put on the volunteers by members of the 355th MDG. Although members do receive some training on how to apply the moulage, it is primarily an extra duty.

After having moulage applied, the volunteers are sent out with cards listing the injuries they have and what type of condition they are in. Once they have been diagnosed and worked on, whoever was working with the volunteer is giving the card. This allows them to check and see if they did a proper diagnosis on the victim.

Even though the makeup makes the volunteer's Injuries seem very realistic, it is up to the "victim" to act the part. The volunteers are strongly advised to be dramatic and pretend that they are genuinely hurt, thus enhancing the training for those working on the injuries.

This type of training benefits more than just the doctors, techs, and nurses of the 355th Medical group. Many other Airmen augmentees get a chance to participate and sharpen their self-aid and buddy care skills, which can be crucial when on a deployment.