D-M dorm cleanliness goes viral

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Saphfire Cook
  • 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The D-M Airmen Dormitory Leaders recently decided to revamp their dorm room inspection checklist, and go in a whole new direction, by throwing out the typed papers and bringing in the video camera.

The new checklist is a six-minute, instructional video, entitled "Dorm Room Cleanliness Davis-Monthan AFB", which gives the basics of cleaning a dorm room.

"The checklist was long and a lot of the Airmen weren't reading it all the way through," said Staff Sgt. Earnest Perkins, 355th Civil Engineer Squadron Airman dormitory leader. "We needed a way to make it more streamline and up-to-date, so we decided to make a video."

The ADLs recruited Airmen from the dormitories to star in the video.

"This video was a great idea in my opinion," said Airman 1st Class Rachel Volkers, 355th CES and video volunteer. "I think that it will help Airmen see first-hand what needs to be done to pass a room inspection. I had a lot of fun working on the video."

The film not only lists the cleaning requirements, but gives tips and demonstrations on how to accomplish these tasks.

"Our Airmen come from all different backgrounds," Perkins said. "Some are accustomed to household chores and others are not. This video is a way to introduce everyone to the proper tools and techniques to ensure that each room is cleaned to Air Force standards."

The basics, such as window cleaning and mopping, are depicted in the video, as well as little-known cleaning tips. One segment of the video shows Airmen how to remove hard water stains in their bathrooms with a pumice stone.

"Sometimes we miss the fine print on what is really supposed to be done when it comes to cleaning our rooms," said Airman 1st Class Sharla Vega, 355th Dental Squadron and video volunteer. "I definitely see a lot more passing room inspections in the future."

The ADLs have also started a YouTube page, DM Dorm Life TV, devoted to life in the dormitories.

"We've put the video up on our YouTube page so that, if Airmen are unsure of anything, they can access it from the comfort of their own room," Perkins said.

To view the video, visit the official D-M Dorm Management YouTube page. For more information, contact the Dorm Management Office at 228-3576.